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Dark Filed Live Blood Analyse microscope with 4 objective lenses (4x, 10x, 40x, 100x-iris Infinity AchroPlan) and 1000x magnification
(--Lacerta hot product: LIS-CDF)
instead of 1999.00 only
1799.90 EUR
(inkl. MWSt)
plus shipping

Brandname:  --Lacerta hot product
Insight: binokular
Subcategory: Dunkelfeld
Max.Magnif.: 1000x
Shipping weight:  13kg (Shipping costs)
EAN Code:  9120069912128

Wien: pre-ordering availble
Linz: pre-ordering availble
Store: Please request!
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LIS-CDF Blut-600x-LIS-CDF-5 Stunden alt-WEB
LIS-CDF Blut-600x-LIS-CDF-6 Stunden alt-WEB
LIS-CDF Blut-600x-LIS-CDF-8 Stunden alt-SW-PRESS
LIS-CDF Blut-600x-LIS-CDF-8 Stunden alt-WEB
LIS-CDF Blut 600x-LIS-CDF-22 Stunden alt
LIS-CDF Fibrinbildung
LIS-CDF Fibrinbildung WEB
LIS-CDF Fibrinbildung und Geisterzellen
LIS-CDF Geisterzellen
LIS-CDF Objektiv-100x-iris
LIS-CDF Testfoto-1-with-CanonEOS
LIS-CDF Testfoto-2-with-CanonEOS
LIS-CDF Testfoto-3-with-CanonEOS
LIS-CDF Testfoto-4-with-CanonEOS
LIS-CDF gesundes-Blut PRESS
LIS-CDF gesundes-Blut nach 30minuten PRESS

Begin of the HUNGARIAN ASTROCAMP in Tarjan (Hungary). The camp is between 13-16. of August. LACERTA as sponsor and exhibitor
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IWA Nürnberg
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AME2020, ASTROMESSE in Villingen-Schwenningen (Germany)
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ITT in Carinthia - international telescope meeting on the Emberger Alm - September 15th to 20th, 2019 - with Teleskop-Austria booth!
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Linz (Upper Austria) between October 23-25: Austrian Conference of Amateur Astronomers. LACERTA is participating too!
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