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72/432 Lacerta ED APO with Octo focuser in alu case
(--Lacerta hot product: La72432)

499.90 EUR
(Gross prices are calculated with 19% or 7% VAT. If your country-specific VAT is higher, we take over LACERTA GmbH the additional tax costs)
plus shipping

Brandname:  --Lacerta hot product
Diam.: 72mm
Focus: 432mm
Mount: OTA
Shipping weight:  5kg (Shipping costs)

(The stock is for information only and includes items that have already been reserved)
Wien: more than 3 available
Linz: only 3  remaining
Warehouse: in Stock
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La72432 20191128 140856
La72432 20191128 140923
La72432 72-432 Lacerta 079 Reducer Eos6d
La72432 72-432 Lacerta 079 Reducer Eos77d
La72432 FS60 vs LAC72
La72432 IFG-Lacerta-72432 Nr0
La72432 IFG-Lacerta-72432 Nr2
La72432 IFG-Lacerta-72432 Nr3
La72432 IFG-Obj-72432 Nr2
La72432 IFG-Obj-72432 Nr3
La72432 La72432 Montage
La72432 Lacerta-72mm-ED-Objektiv-1
La72432 Lacerta-72mm-ED-Objektiv-2
La72432 M31 Nimmervoll
La72432 OctoRefr
La72432 PRINT
La72432 kup1


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