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LACERTA Motorfocus - precision stepper motor with handbox and temperature sensor. standalone or ASCOM-compatible
(--Lacerta hot product: MFOC)

OPTION: Worm Diameter?

519.90 EUR
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Brandname:  --Lacerta hot product
Type: digital
StandAlone(Y/N): ja
ASCOM(Y/N): ja
Shipping weight:  2kg (Shipping costs)

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OC - Lacerta Motorfocus enables 1 micron precisionnewly purchased?

For newest firmware, manuals and drivers please go to the Photos&Support tab above, and download the firmware zip file

NEW - MFOC will get an INDI driver shortly - preview here:

Our Lacerta MotorFocus was developed above all for precise position reproducibility to 1 micron level (0,001mm),  and is able to lift a 5kg weight to the point with that precision. Check out the video below, with measuring gauge attached. Of course, your focuser must be stable and precise enough to support such precision - here we use our LACERTA Octo60mic R&P focuser:

The Lacerta MotorFocus uses a completely capsuled stepper motor, attached to your focuser worm by a rigid but flexible coupling. It features a handbox with digital display, so you can use it in standalone mode and control all parameters including filter offsets. Via USB you also are able to control it remotely with your ASCOM compatible software. The temperature probe should be attched near the sensitive part of your telescope, so the focus drift can be compensated automatically. If you use Lacerta MGEN superguider, the systems can be synchronized, that the corrections are applied only in between the exposures.

key features:

- remote (ASCOM) or standalone modes
- handbox with digital display ahowing all rlevant infos, and control buttons and USB port
- completely encapsuled gear and powerful stepper motor driving and holding >5kg
- temperature probe (approx. 180cm)
- automated temperature compensation
- GOTO function and filter offset positions
- backlash compensation (2 modes)
- permanent focus function
- 250000 steps, reproducibility 0,001mm
- ASCOM driver compatible to most software (FocusMax, MaximDL, APT, ...)
- free download of new firmware
- manual focussing possible (after power off and unplugged motor)
- NEW: coupler for 9,5mm focuser worm mounted, and a set of inlays for 8, 6 and 4mm included:

Using one of the 3 Inlays and the proper hex screws the MFOC coupler fits worms of different diameters:

  • smallest Inlay - for 4mm worm
  • medium Inlay - for 6mm worm
  • large Inlay - for 8mm worm (Takahashi)
  • without Inlay - for 9.5mm worm (Feathertouch)

some details (standalone mode):

- the GOTO function helps reaching positions quickly and with micron precision
- the backlash compensation is a key feature to precision. Lacerta MotorFocus uses 2 modes, one for small ind one for longer distances. The latter reaches the position from one direction only. e.g. if this direction is OUT and you want to go 30 steps IN, the MotorFocus drives IN 4x the backlash distance, then reverses to reach the new position in OUT direction. Distances and directions are freely programmable.
- min. and max. positions are definable, to avoid mechanical problems when end of focuser travel is reached
- even if that happens (e.g. after a power blackout), the motor slips because the motor currents are set accordingly. Drive and hold currents are to be set separately
- temperature is displayed in 0,01° increments (precision about 0,1°). The temperature correction factor (steps/degree) can be determined easily in a test and programmed freely. The temperature probe is long enough (approx. 180cm) to be placed near the most temperature sensitive part of your telescope (e.g. lens cell, mirror). It should be best isolated against outside air.
- filter offsets are programmable relative to the main filter, and temperature compensation includes these offsets too.
- there are 3 speed modes used and switched automatically: Microstep, fullstep, and multistep. Multistep uses fullstep, but display and calculation combines more steps to be faster
- if you use LACERTA MGEN superguider, the MotorFocus sees the shutter signal when an exposure is running. When a focus correction is necessary, it waits until the shutter signal is off and corrects afterwards only. That avoids focus corrections during the exposure, which may cause a little shift in the star position and spoil the picture, depending on the focuser used.

ASCOM mode:

- when controlling Lacerta MotorFocus remotely via your software, the features of your software take full control
- temperature and backlash compensation, V-curves, autofocus, whatever your software is capable it can do
- only motor currents and motor directions then are determined by the handbox, which acts as the communication device via its USB port. Backlash compensation and temperature compensation should be set to zero in the handbox.
- the letter A is displayed when ASCOM is active. Positions, status messages and temperature still are displayed on the handbox, and buttons are active.
- functions are tested with following programs:  Astroart 4, Astro Photography Tool 2.82, DSLR Focus V3,
FindFocus,  FocusMax,  Maxim  DL  5.15,  SharpCap

some videos demonstrating MFOC functions:

Autofocus using APT via ASCOM:

the menu:

see a short video featuring the menu items

contents of the package:

- handbox
- encapsuled powerful stepper motor unit with coupling(weight 508g)
- temperature probe, approx 1.8m length, with gap to be screwed
- 12V cigarette lighter cable with 5A fuse (2m long)
- cable to connect handbox and motor (RJ45, Ethernet, 1.9m long)
- USB cableto connect to PC (1.9m long), forASCOM and/or FW upgrade)
- Geschlossenes Metallgehäuse: Zahnrad und Motor gekapselt und staubsicher montiert - kein Billigplastik
- coupling for Octo60/Skywatcher and similar focusers
- NEW: coupler for 9,5mm focuser worm mounted, and a set of inlays for 8, 6 and 4mm included

focusers compatible to the basic package:
- Lacerta Octo60
- all Skywatcher crayfords equipped with Lacerta 1:10 microfocus
- Skywatcher Crayford with native 1:10 microfocus
- Skywatcher Linear Power focuser
- Skywatcher Esprit Apos (80, 100, 120, 150mm)
  Caution: Esprits have different worm diameter - how to check the Esprit worm diameter - now fitting all these worm diameters

Other focusers can be equipped using an additional custom adapter set, the list of available sets is ever growing

for following focusers adapter sets are already availabe, please check recommended products below:

How to fix your Lacerta Motorfocus to focusers compatible to the basic package
picture: MFOC Montage
- the 1:10 side will be replaced by Lacerta MotorFocus
- loosen screw (A) that fixes the knob to the focuser worm,
  then screw (B) that fixes the microfocus unit to the worm house
- take off the knobs together as a unit
- put on the motor unit and slip the coupling onto the worm, the silver part takes the place the mircofocus unit was fixed (screw B)
- first fix the coupling to the worm with screw (A), then turn the motor+worm 180° and fix the opposite screw (A).
- now choose the rotational position of the motor and fix screw (B)
- ready!
- hint: Before fixing screw (B) tightly, engage the motor and and let it turn a while. So the unit centers itself, then fix screw (B) finally.

Video:  step by step - how to fix your Lacerta MotorFocus
Lacerta OctoPlus (careful, now 3 screws need to be losened at the worm),
SkyWatcher Esprit, SkyWatcher Crayford, SkyWatcher LinearPower, Lacerta micfoc-S upgrade:

low power consumption:
motor drive current: 600mA (GoTo)
motor hold current: 160mA

more adaption videos:

newer United Optics white Rack&Pinion:

black Rack&Pinion (TS, APM Photoline and other brandings):

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MFOChb LACERTA Motorfocus Handbox, Stand Alone and ASCOM ... 299.88 EUR
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KabelTempMFOC Cable with temperature-sensor for MFOC (plug: 3,5m ... 39.00 EUR



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