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SkyWatcher Skyliner-200P (203/1200) Classic Dobsonian with pyrex parabolic mirror (with 10mm, 25mm Plössl eyepieces, 9x50 finderscope)
(-SkyWatcher: SWD200py)

498.89 EUR
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Brandname:  -SkyWatcher
Objective Diameter: 200mm
Focus: 1200mm
Mount: Dobson
Shipping weight:  25kg (Shipping costs)

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Linz: only 1 Stk.
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Skywatcher Dobson for beginner with Pyrex Mainmirror

The classic Skywatcher dobson telescopes are using a parabolic mainmirror and are very stable.


  • good price-performance ratio
  • very easy handling
  • parabolic pyrex mainmirror
  • 2" Crayford- focuser
  • good corrected 3-element oculars with 40 and 55 degree view
  • achromatic finder telescope (9x50) ith springload holder


  • tracking with high magnification is not so easy


This dobson with its 200mm mirror, is already a device for the DeepSky observation, many objects already show structures, spherical star clusters are dissolved in many single stars. The gain of the light collecting capacity compared to the 150mm optics is 45%, of course also a parabolic mirror from Pyrex is used. It has a resolving power of 0.69" to Rayleigh and the observation of the moon or the planets also reveals the finest details. For the sun, there is a thin filter, minimizing shading and increasing the contrast. The Rockerbox is made of multi-layered plywood, the tube is stored in Teflon bearings and the Rockerbox holds the tube safely and wobbly, but the tube can also be mounted on parallactic mountings with optional pipe clips.


  • optical telescope: Newton Reflector
  • Mainmirror 203mm
  • focal length 1200mm
  • Focal ratio F/5,9
  • Light collecting capacity: 841x
  • Resolving power 0,68“
  • Magnifications available: 48x, 120x
    max. magnification: 400x
  • total weight: ca. 25kg


  • Optical Tube (203/1200)
  • Rockerbox
  • 9x50 Finder
  • 2 Barium Super eyepiece 25 und 10mm

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