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SkyWatcher Evostar-102 (102/1000) refractor on EQ3 mount with 6x30 finder, 2" star diagonal, 25mm (40x) and 10mm (100x) Super eyepieces
(-SkyWatcher: SWR1021eq3)

544.89 EUR
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Brandname:  -SkyWatcher
Diam.: 102mm
Focus: 1000mm
Mount: EQ3
Shipping weight:  24kg (Shipping costs)

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Linz: only 1 Stk.
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A great telescope for advanced

A classic achromatic telescope for planet and deepsky observation. It can also be used for photography.

ADVANTAGES for beginners:

  • True Fraunhofer lens with very low color error
  • Lens is multi-compensated.
  • Full metal 2-inch eyepiece extractor, incl. 31.7mm reduction and T2 attachment for photography
  • Well-corrected 3-lens eyepieces with approx. 40 or 55 degrees facial field
  • Zenith mirror with 50.8mm plug diameter
  • Parallactic mount, facilitates tracking (both axes with worm wheel)
  • Two-axle motor tracking or GoTo control can be retrofitted
  • Achromatic viewfinder telescope (6x30) with SpringLoad bracket and quick coupling


  • Mount is suitable for earth observation


Even 15-20 years ago a 4 inch refractor was regarded as the dream device of many hobby astronomers, few could afford such a device at that time. The devices of the MIRA series are extremely high-quality processed and have nothing in common with beginner telescopes. With f / 10, this refractor shows only a relatively small color error, which is only noticeable on very bright objects and at very high magnifications. Thanks to the stable 2-inch metal eyepiece, you can use a wide range of accessories and also use the device well for photography.The eyepiece pull-out unit accommodates standard 1.25 "and 2" accessories so that these devices can be extensively upgraded. Thread allows you to take pictures through the telescope. With the popular MIRA telescopes, the whole light curve of the changing star MIRA (Omikron Ceti) can already be observed under good conditions.


  • Optical system: 2-lens achromat
  • Aperture: 102mm
  • Focal length: 1000mm
  • Focal ratio: f / 9.8
  • Light collection capacity: 212x
  • Resolving power: 1.35 "
  • Magnification Scope of delivery: 40x, 100x
  • Max. Magnification: 200x
  • Mounting: EQ3 (parallactic)
  • Total weight: approx. 19kg


  • Optical tube (102/1000)
  • Parallactic mount EQ3
  • 6x30 viewfinder
  • 2 barium super eyepieces 25 and 10mm
  • Zenith mirror 2 "with reduction

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