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QuickClicPic Smartphone Adapter for microscopy with 35mm plug
(-Lacerta: SmartPhoneAdMi)

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39.90 EUR
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Brandname:  -Lacerta
Connection (object side): 35mm
Connection (observer side): M12
lightpass: 8mm
Shipping weight:  1kg (Shipping costs)

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Mobile phone photography - perfect for the microscope!

A perfect solution to photograph with a mobile phone (smartphone, iPhone ...) through a microscope.

This smartphone mount uses the outer diameter of the photo-compatible LACERTA microscope eyepieces of 35mm to fix the mobile phone.

In the video below, we show some practical usage examples as YouTube video.

Very quickly ready for use

Since the mobile phone takes over the role of your eye, the use is very simple. The mobile phone is not "just stopped", but screwed or stuck exactly on the optical axis. The adaptation consists of two parts:

  • Base adapter (glued to the mobile phone or its protective cover)
  • Instrument-specific adapter (screwed into base adapter)

Since the base adapter has only 2mm height, it can remain permanently on the mobile phone. The instrument-specific adapter can be screwed on very quickly and your mobile phone can be used with the microscope within seconds as a digiscope.

Application areas

There are many possible applications: bright field, dark field and phase contrast microscopy, industrial use and in the classroom. In short, everything you see through your microscope with your own eyes can be immortalized on your mobile phone.

The following video shows how to use the Lacerta QuickClickPic Smartphone Adapter for both nature observation, astronomy, and microscopy.
From 2:32 we show the molting of a water flea, which was taken by a cheap student microscope.

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