SkyWatcher Explorer-150P (150/750) Newtonian reflector on EQ3 mount with 6x30 SpringLoad finder, 25mm (30x) and 10mm (75x) eyepieces, 2x Barlow

Brandname: -SkyWatcher
Diam.: 150mm
Focus: 750mm
Mount: EQ3
Shipping weight: 28kg
EAN Code: 5999099601609
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Newton telescope for beginners and advanced observeres

A very fast but still portable device and a real all-rounder for beginners and advanced observers, with which both planet & moon, but also many deep-sky objects can be observed.

ADVANTAGES for beginners and advanced observers:


The BlackDiamond 150 / 750mm Newton with parabolic optics is especially for beginners and advanced observers. With 150mm aperture and 750mm focal length, it is a light-weight but still portable device and a true all-rounder. It provides a good performance on the moon and planets, accumulates enough light for successful deep-sky observations and can also be used for astrophotography. The 50.8mm Crayford focuser is made of metal is adjustable. The spider vanes are very thin, so shading is minimized and the contrast is increased. Due to the compact design, the device can still be operated on mountings as the EQ3. The main and secondary mirrors are each housed in an adjustable frame. The focuser is equipped with standard 1.25 "and 2". A T2 thread allows photographing through the telescope.