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SkyWatcher refractor (90/900) telescope for beginners on EQ2
(-SkyWatcher: SWR909eq2)
instead of 259.00 only
218.35 EUR
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Brandname:  -SkyWatcher
Diam.: 90mm
Focus: 900mm
Mount: EQ2
Shipping weight:  15kg (Shipping costs)
EAN Code:  5999099602675

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Seen cheaper somewhere?

A great telescope for beginners!

Especially suitable for moon and planet observations. We recommend it as a telescope for beginners, who want to have fast and cheap beautiful astronomical experiences. They can be retrofitted not only with many optical accessories, but also with motor control and probably the most popular telescopes for beginners.

ADVANTAGES for beginners:

  • Telescope with very easy handling - especially suitable for beginners.
  • High quality lens with really small color errors (in this price class the best we know)
  • Well-corrected 3-lens eyepieces with approx. 40 or 55 degrees facial field
  • Zenith mirror with 31.7mm plug diameter
  • 6x30 search telescope with springload mount and quick coupling
  • Motor tracking in rectification can be retrofitted
  • Full metal eyepiece extension including T2 thread for photography


The fine details of Jupiter (clouds, moons and the Jupiter solar eclipses!) Are already within reach of this telescope for beginners. The rings of Saturn are already very clearly visible. Above all, the moon observation is fun. The recommended maximum magnification is 180x. On the surface of the moon about 3 km of details are visible. With 90 mm aperture this telescope can also be used to observe some deep sky objects such as fog, galaxies and star clusters from ambitious beginners - assuming dark skies.


  • Optical system: 2-lens achromatic telescope (Frauenhofer achromat)
  • Aperture: 90mm
  • Focal length: 900mm
  • Focal ratio: f / 10
  • Light collection capacity: 165x
  • Resolution: 1.53 "
  • Magnification Extent of delivery: 36x, 90x
  • Max. Magnification: 180x
  • Mount: EQ2 (parallactic)
  • Total weight: approx. 10kg


  • Optical Tube (90/900)
  • Parallactic mount EQ2
  • 6x30 viewfinder
  • 2 barium super eyepieces 25 and 10mm
  • Zenit mirror

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SWR909eq2 Moon with 90900eq2-Lorincz-Imre
SWR909eq2 Sun with 90900eq2-Lorincz-Imre

Begin of the HUNGARIAN ASTROCAMP in Tarjan (Hungary). The camp is between 13-16. of August. LACERTA as sponsor and exhibitor
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IWA Nürnberg
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ITT in Carinthia - international telescope meeting on the Emberger Alm - September 15th to 20th, 2019 - with Teleskop-Austria booth!
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Linz (Upper Austria) between October 23-25: Austrian Conference of Amateur Astronomers. LACERTA is participating too!
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