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SALE - Lacerta tripod - rocksolid

Heavy duty wood tripods
Now 20% off!

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CoViD measures

Unfortunately, the number of new CoViD infections is increasing again.

To protect your and our health:
- the team of consultants works in HOME-OFFICE (E-Mail)
- Online sales and shipping take place unhindered

Tue, Thu, Fri: 13:00-17:00
Tel: +43 (660) 1224492 (Beginner)
Tel: +43 (677) 61782589 (Astrophotography)

or send us an e-mail:

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StarWand - the digital index finger

With the StarWand Pointer, the telescope can be controlled with the index finger: simply point to a celestial body, and then at the push of a button the telescope positions itself at the same point in the sky. Several mounts can even receive the signal at the same time. Then each telescope aims at the same target so that several observers can observe the same celestial body in parallel.

StarWand - the digital index finger --> more infos

Star Adventurer Mini in Stock

The Star Adventurer Mini (SAM) is an extremely compact head that can perform a lot of tasks in the fields of astrophotography / timelapse / TWAN. It can be programmed from the mobile phone via an app. Minimal power consumption through 2x AA batteries!
SUPER DEAL 199.99 EUR!!!

Star Adventurer Mini in Stock --> more infos

Video User Manuals

You find here several Video-manuals:

Video User Manuals --> more infos

Messier Marathon

What is the Messier Marathon? It is THE "sport" of the amateur astronomers! The goal: you should be in a single night all 110 ( or as many of them ) deepsky objects, which is probably the most famous Comet hunter Charles Messier discovered "by the way". The best time for this is between mid-March to mid-April, shortly before or after the new moon.
The traditional Messier Marathon requires the objects to be found manually, on the honor of the French astronomer! GoTo counts as cheating! A watch list like this one is essential!

Messier Marathon --> more infos

Darkfield technic easy to use!

Darkfield technic easy to use! --> more infos

Herschel prisms from 119.90 EUR

The LACERTA Herschel prisms at Brewster Winkel are unique: they enable full polarization and thus a 240-fold dimmer with a polar filter! Conventional Herschel prisms with partial polarization can only be dimmed about 6-7 times.
Best price, first-class imaging, highest dimming factor and short delivery time! Designed and made in Hungary, in Europe!

Herschel prisms from 119.90 EUR --> more infos

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