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ATTENTION!!! Due to current events (approval in the country of destination vs. official sanctions), we temporarily deliver electronic devices and packaged products ONLY to Germany and Austria and not to other EU countries for end customers (only b2b available). We are currently examining the approval options in all EU countries individually. More on this: uba-prueft-haendler-in-weee-registern-der-eu

Prices are rising everywhere - but not in our shop! INFO

Enjoy our astronomical telescope offers with 15% reduced prices! All telescopes are supplied with a tripod and accessories. Unpack, set up and start immediately!
You will receive a 15% discount on the telescopes listed here. Check out with code "FERIEN" to get 15% OFF!

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Prices are rising everywhere - but not in our shop! --> more infos

Just arrive(d)

In stock: LACERTA 72mm f/4.7(!) Flatfield APO INFO

The legendary 72mm ED objective is supplied in new configurations with different flatteners: including a 3-lens reducer corrector for f/4.7 (341mm focal length) or with a 2-lens flattener without focal length reduction, but with a long working distance of 123mm. Unprocessed test photos can be seen in the product-presentation!

In stock: LACERTA 72mm f/4.7(!) Flatfield APO --> more infos


Darkfield technic easy to use! INFO

Darkfield technic easy to use! --> more infos


Li Ionen Powerbank 144Wh 38000 mAh
20% introductory discount (Code: 38AH) INFO

Weighs less than a kg but runs and runs and runs...
Exits: 1x cigarette lighter plug 12V (max. 12A) and 3x USB 5V (2.4A/1A/2.1A)
Input: 15V socket (220V charger included)

now with 20% introductory discount (Code: 38AH)

Li Ionen Powerbank 144Wh 38000 mAh
20% introductory discount (Code: 38AH) --> more infos

Just arrive(d)

Extender für Epsilon-160ED INFO

Takahashi ist es gelungen, für den Epsilon-160ED einen Extender zu entwickeln, der die ausgezeichnete Sternabbildung auf der Achse wie im Feld beibehält. Die Brennweite wird um den Faktor 1.5x auf 800mm verlängert (f/5), daher ist der Epsilon auch für die Fotografie kleinerer Objekte geeignet, was das Einsatzspektrum deutlich erweitert. Vorbestellung möglich, Liefertermin: Mai 2022

Extender für Epsilon-160ED --> more infos



Darkfield microscopes, camera adaptations, complet solutions (microscope+camera+screen), microscopy courses, special solutions for your existing equipment


Just arrive(d)

Small scope for nature and astronomy INFO

It has to be easy to use and versatile, high optical quality, but still affordable? The Maksutov telescope with a diameter of 60mm for only 139 EUR shows the craters of the moon, the Saturn ring and Jupitermoons as well as distant water birds on the lakeshore or nesting birds on the top of the tree. The magnification can be pushed up to 120x. With an optional adapter, you can even take photos with your mobile phone through the telescope.

Small scope for nature and astronomy --> more infos


Uncollected customer orders INFO

It can always happen that you order something, but then think about it and don't pick it up. These goods then remain with the dealer. We have some products that were ordered for Christmas but never picked up. We are now offering these at a greatly reduced price. Brand new, often in the original unopened packaging, with much, much cheaper!

Uncollected customer orders --> more infos

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