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Free shipping over 50€!

Parcels to 13 countries* in Europe are dispatched free of charge over 50€ value of goods.
* (AT,DE,IT,SK,SI,CZ,HU,HR,PL,DK,BE,N. Only if total weight less than 30 kg. Cannot be combined with other discounts)

So you can benefit from the lower German VAT, even if you do not live in Germany

Our gross prices are calculated with 19% (telescopes, microscopes, binoculars) or 7% (books and charts) VAT. If your country-specific VAT is higher, we take over LACERTA GmbH the additional tax costs.

Europe-wide, worldwide, Universe-wide


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So you can benefit from the lower German VAT, even if you do not live in Germany --> more infos

CoViD measures

To protect your and our health:
- the team of consultants works in HOME-OFFICE (E-Mail)
- Online sales and shipping take place unhindered

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 13:00-17:00
Tel: +43 (660) 1224492 (Beginner & Shop Wien)

or send us an e-mail:

CoViD measures --> more infos

New TOA-645 Flattener!

As a replacement for the large 67 flattener, Takahashi has developed a new large format corrector that allows even better correction. With this high-performance flattener, the TOA devices deliver a perfect image over a large image field.
Available from October 2021, we are happy to accept your pre-order!

New TOA-645 Flattener! --> more infos

20% discount not only in the Astrocamp

Finally again MTT astrocamp with astromesse in Hungary, with probably over 400 participants! Even if you cannot go to Tarján (Hungarian German Youth Camp), you can still enjoy the discount prices!
You will receive a 20% discount on the products selected here if you write the coupon code "2021AUG" in the "COUPON CODE" field when purchasing online and redeem it with the green button. The list is updated daily!

Are you looking for another discount-products? All of our coupon offers are listed here.

20% discount not only in the Astrocamp --> more infos

Video User Manuals

You find here several Video-manuals:

Video User Manuals --> more infos

Lacerta Binoculars

Lacerta outdoor optics are your reliable companion worldwide. Whether you are a hiker, bird watcher or adventurer in the depths of Africa - your Lacerta glass will not let you down. Because with the multi-coated premium optics from Lacerta you are in the middle of the scene, crisp!

Lacerta Binoculars --> more infos

Optolong Filter

Practically all Optolong filters are available IMMEDIATELY. The new EXTREME narrowband combination filter enables simultaneous recording of H-Alpha and OIII narrowband images

Optolong Filter --> more infos

DeepSkyPro 2600 MONO cooled Astrocamera

Here the new sensational monochrome Sony chip IMX571 is installed, which has ideal properties for astrophotography:

- extreme sensitivity thanks to the backside illumination technology
- Very low readout noise of 0.7-3.5 e- (depending on the set gain)
- very low dark current of 0.0005e (per pixel and second, at -20 ° C)
- no more visible amplifier glow - clean raw images
- native 16 bit A / D converter on the chip
- high fullwell capacity of the pixels - fewer burned out stars

DeepSkyPro 2600 MONO cooled Astrocamera --> more infos

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