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Takahashi Epsilon-160ED

Der neue Epsilon-160ED vereint die einfache Handhabung des Epsilon-130 mit der Leistungsfähigkeit des Epsilon-180. Mit Vollformatkameras erreicht man 4.8° Feld, bei einer hohen Lichtstärke von f/3.3, extrem kleinen Spotdurchmessern von maximal 3 Mikrometer und noch dazu ohne chromatischer Aberration! Doch auch mechanisch zählen diese Geräte zur Spitzenklasse, trotz hoher Lichtstärke absolut justagestabil, das sucht man am Markt vergeblich! Lieferbar im November, wir nehmen Ihre Vorbestellung gerne an!

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CoViD measures (Oct.21)

The number of daily new CoViD infections in Austria is already twice as high as it was in March.
The WIENER store will be closed from October 21st due to the corona pandemic. (Linz is still open)
Online sales take place unhindered.
Mon-Fri: 13: 00-18: 00

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Lacerta Binoculars

Lacerta outdoor optics are your reliable companion worldwide. Whether you are a hiker, bird watcher or adventurer in the depths of Africa - your Lacerta glass will not let you down. Because with the multi-coated premium optics from Lacerta you are in the middle of the scene, crisp!

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Filter drawer with magnetic lock

Unlike other filter drawers, the LACERTA drawer does not have to be fixed with a screw on the side. There is also no risk that the screw will not be tightened properly and that the drawer will slide out. Two pairs of magnets (both on the drawer housing and on the drawer itself) on the right and left side ensure a stable hold. It could nott be easier!

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Optolong L-eXtreme

The new EXTREME narrowband combination filter enables simultaneous recording of H-Alpha and OIII narrowband images

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LACERTA Construction Kit

... is a combination of the most used prism rail, prism clamps, bridge and lifter. The dovetails fits the Vixen or the viewfinder clamp. Holes and elongated holes allow the rail and clamps to be freely combined with one another - even rotated 90 or even 180 degrees!

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Telescopes (not only) for demonstration purposes

These models are not only school or professional illustration tools, but are also recommended for beginners interested in astronomy. Optically accurate devices so that you can already see the most famous objects in the night sky.

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Darkfield technic easy to use!

Darkfield technic easy to use! --> more infos

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