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100/550 ESPRIT Triplet-APO with flightcase, 9x50 finder and 2" 99% star diagonal
(-SkyWatcher: Esprit100hu)

instead of 2279.00 only
1985.00 EUR
(inkl. MWSt)
plus shipping


Brandname:  -SkyWatcher
Diam.: 100mm
Focus: 550mm
Mount: OTA
Shipping weight:  30kg (Shipping costs)
EAN Code:  5999099602361

Wien: only 1 remaining
Linz: pre-ordering availble
Store: Please request!
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a fast photographic Super Apochromat

100/550 Triplet APO with Ohara FPL53 Glas, optical design by our colleague Guylai Pal in Hungary

Tested in Sky&Telescope 10/2014

the optical design

these were the requirements:
- best possible visual optical quality on axis, without compromise
- a designated field flattener for full field correction up to full frame
- a mechanical robust system with stable collimation, and fairly easy to adjust if necessary (no Quadruplet or Quintuplet system)

and here the design diagrams:
- Strehl by design 99% on axis at 550nm (click for Polystrehl)
- fulfillment of definition for full Apochromats
- perfectly corrected field up to fullframe

We have done extensive Tests with Esprit100, and found it is verycompatible with the Riccardi Reducer at f/4,1 check out the report in our blog:
Testbericht im Blog


The Esprits give best perfomance when used with the dedicated flatteners, choose to add it from the options menu beneath the price.
They really excel when finetuned and collimated and we can do that individually for your instrument.
We also do photographic tests to check the regularity of the star halo. No other dealer will get you that service.
Here are more informations about what we do and how we take care of this fine lenses:

Esprit optimizing and testing

You may choose the optimization from the options menu (together with flattener), and if you prefer to get also an interferometric measurement
and documentation of the tests BEFORE you buy, please choose certificate + flattener.

optical system: triplet Super Apochromat (air gaps)
aperture: 100mm
focal length: 550mm
focl ratio: f/5,5
light gathering power: 204x
resolution: 1,38“
max. recommended magnification: 200x
weight: ca. 6kg (OTA)
length: 47cm

optical tube (100/550) with 3“ Linear Power focuser, CNC tube rings, short Losmandy rail, 9x50 finder, 2" 99% star diagonal

Testfoto mit Skywatcher 0,85x Reducer/Flattener

We recommend:
Flat-Esprit100 Flattener for Esprit 100/550 triplet APO telescopes ... 189.00 EUR
M48eosProt Baader protective BAJONETT ADAPTER for Canon EOS 59.00 EUR
RicRed075-63 RICCARDI 0.75 reducer and flattener (with M63 to T ... 395.00 EUR
M68M86n M68/M86 negativ-negativ Converter (for M68M63M48p ... 75.00 EUR
M68M63M48p M68/M63/M48 Riccardi Reducer converter with 6mm b ... 69.90 EUR
DH50 Lacerta Dew Strap length 50cm 35.90 EUR
BatPlus127 Bahtinov-Mask for 127mm telescope with 146mm tube-diameter ... 20.90 EUR
M48eos Bayonett adaptor M48 (internal thread) to Canon EOS ... 23.90 EUR
SF100-6 Solarfilter SF100 for 120 mm aperture (tube D=129- ... 60.00 EUR
M68M86n M68/M86 negativ-negativ Converter (for M68M63M48p ... 75.00 EUR
AZ-EQ6 AZ-EQ6-goto mount on steel tripod, with SynScan GoTo ... 1899.00 EUR
CleanSetLa LACERTA Cleaning Set 4 in 1 (Cleaning Fluid, Microfiber ... 15.90 EUR



Esprit100hu 100-550 Riccardi Ronchitest
Esprit100hu 100-550 coating compared
Esprit100hu Conusnebula Riccardi075 Eos6da
Esprit100hu Esprit100HU Deisgn vso Traveller
Esprit100hu Esprit100HU Design FocalShift
Esprit100hu Esprit100HU Design MTF
Esprit100hu Esprit100HU Design RayAnalysis
Esprit100hu Esprit100HU Polystrehl
Esprit100hu Esprit100HU Polystrehl airy-discs
Esprit100hu Esprit100HU Spot-3waves
Esprit100hu Esprit100HU Spot-5waves
Esprit100hu Esprit100hu adjusting friction
Esprit100hu M31 Andromeda Esprit100HU-RiccardiReducer-focus412mm TommyNawratil
Esprit100hu M45 2019 MMys
Esprit100hu RhoOph LRGB Jan Camek Tenerife
Esprit100hu Vega-Testphoto-Temporary
Esprit100hu Vega-Testphoto Reduced on 412mm focus
Esprit100hu ic1396 Esprit100HU IvanEder
Esprit100hu ic4592 Blue-Horsehead Esprit100HU TRF2008-Reducer AndrasPapp
Esprit100hu ic4604 Esprit100HU AndrasPapp
Esprit100hu ngc3372-eta Carinae Esprit100HU AndrasPapp
Esprit100hu ngc7789 Esprit100HU IvanEder

Begin of the HUNGARIAN ASTROCAMP in Tarjan (Hungary). The camp is between 13-16. of August. LACERTA as sponsor and exhibitor
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IWA Nürnberg
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AME2020, ASTROMESSE in Villingen-Schwenningen (Germany)
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ITT in Carinthia - international telescope meeting on the Emberger Alm - September 15th to 20th, 2019 - with Teleskop-Austria booth!
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Linz (Upper Austria) between October 23-25: Austrian Conference of Amateur Astronomers. LACERTA is participating too!
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