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Takahashi FC-76DCU, tube only, with 31.75mm adapter
(Takahashi: FC76DCU)

1413.00 EUR
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plus shipping

Brandname:  Takahashi
Diam.: 76mm
Focus: 570mm
Mount: OTA
Shipping weight:  7kg (Shipping costs)

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The Takahashi FC-76DCU apochromatic refractor is equipped with a fluorite doublet at F/7.5. Its very low weight, only 1.9 kg for the tube alone, makes it a very portable instrument, usable on a simple photo tripod. It comes with a fixed dew shield and a 31.75 mm compact rack-and-pinion focuser inherited from the FS-60CB. A brake locks the focus and it is possible to add an optional Camera Angle Adjuster (CAA) to make it easier to frame the picture.

The FC-76DCU can be equipped with a focal reducer (76D-RD) or with a field corrector (76D-FL or multi-flattener FC/FS MFL1.04X) for deep sky imaging.

The 80 mm diameter tube is in 2 parts. It can receive the Extender 1.7XR from the FS-60Q, which increases the F/D ratio from 7.5 to 12.75. The focal length gain then allows optimal chromatic correction for unforgettable planetary observations.

For FS-60CB owners, there is a conversion kit available to convert this refractor to FC-76DCU.

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kupTak Finderscope slot for Takahashi Telescopes 31.90 EUR
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TKA20595 Takahashi Extender CQ 1.7x for FS-60CB and FC-76DCU 353.00 EUR
TKA00595 Takahashi Extender-Q 1.6X complete for FS-60, FC-76, Sky-90, FC-100, FSQ-106 Fluorit 449.00 EUR
TKA21110 Takahashi 2" Eyepiece holder for FS-60CB/FS-78/FC76DC(U)/FC100DC 79.00 EUR
tub80 Pair of tube rings 80mm diameter (for Takahashi FS-60, FS60Q, FC-76DC, FC-76DCU, FC-76Q) 86.90 EUR
TKA20420Q Takahashi Cradle for FS-60Q/FC-76DC/FC-76DCU (symmetric, diameter 80mm) 156.00 EUR
TKA20420G GT-40 cradle for FS-60, FC-76DC and FC-76DCU (diameter 80mm) 199.00 EUR
zenpri1 Takahashi Diagonal Prism MC 1,25", Made in Japan 113.00 EUR



FC76DCU Spot Flattener
FC76DCU Spot Multi-Flattener
FC76DCU Spot Reducer
FC76DCU Spot
FC76DCU Tube
FC76DCU on PM1


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