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Flatbox with neutral white LED light, D=233mm, powered by 12V
(--Lacerta hot product: FFB20plus)
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119.90 EUR
(inkl. MWSt)
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Brandname:  --Lacerta hot product
Type of illum.: Flatfield-Box
Dimming: ja, extern
Free diameter: 24cm
Shipping weight:  1kg (Shipping costs)
EAN Code:  9120069910032

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Flat-Field-Box for astro photography

for up to 8" instruments - 233mm clear aperture - fits 8" instruments with 236mm aperture (8" Newtonians, C8)

The Lacerta flatfield box is used to create flats, which are necessary for the accurate calibration of astrofotos. The vignetting (darker edge) and shadows of dust particles can thus be eliminated. This is not only aesthetically necessary, but only a perfectly flat image can be stretched so strongly that weak signals are visible.

Neutral and extremely uniform illumination

The Plus Flatfieldbox is newly designed, and we used some tricks to get an optimal flat illumiation

  • it provides a very color neutral light, so the color channels are equally saturated, and this is the ideal basis for a successful flat.
  • Furthermore, the illumination is extremely uniform, even better than the EL films or another FFB, which still have weak variations over the surface
  • The LEDs do not flicker in the mains frequency like the EL film, which means that much shorter exposure times can also be used, eg 1 / 100sec.
  • the new FFBs are only 10% as bright as usual, so they are not too bright for sensitive CMOS and CCD cameras
  • The LEDs can be controlled with the optional dimmer or FBC controller, so there is no problem with very sensitive CCD cameras.
  • the circular mask of sift but sturdy foam helps mounting on the fitting telescope, just put on top of the tube and press gently - the tube end slips in


  • FlatFieldBox
  • 12V cigarette lighter cable.

The flatfield boxes have a standard 12V connection (5.5/2.1mm), f.e. for the cigarette lighter cable.

Options (dropdown menü beneath price)

- the FFBPlus can be combined with our dimmers, which use rapid PWM and do not cause flicker
- our Flatbox Controller FBC, synchronizing the shutter with the FFB. First the shutter opens, then the FFB flashes, then the shutter closes.
  that helps avoiding illumination artefacts caused ba a sluggish shutter. An ultrashort exposition time is possible. Recommended also for DSLRs!

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VIENNA, 12th district: mineral and jewelry fair. LACERTA is exhibitor (microscopes, magnifying glasses) and offers 20% discount
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Kepler Telescope Meeting (Youth Astronomy) on the Pretul Alps in Ratten (Styria). Lacerta is a sponsor !!!
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