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STM45b-pro professional zoom (0,67-4,5x) binocular stereo microscope with 7-45x magnification and horizontal extended stand
(-Lacerta: INDSTM45bpro)
769.90 EUR
(inkl. MWSt)
plus shipping

Brandname:  -Lacerta
Insight: bino
Subcategory: mit Beleuchtung
Max.Magnif.: 45x
Shipping weight:  7kg (Shipping costs)
EAN Code: 

Wien: pre-ordering availble
Linz: pre-ordering availble
Store: Please request!
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ATT Essen: Europes largest astronomical exchange at all! LACERTA is also an exhibitor.
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Kepler Telescope Meeting (Youth Astronomy) on the Pretul Alps in Ratten (Styria). Lacerta is a sponsor !!!
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Linz (Upper Austria) between October 23-25: Austrian Conference of Amateur Astronomers. LACERTA is participating too!
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