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8x56 Delta Titanium porro-prism, high quality, semi-apochromatic binoculars, nitrogen-filled, 93% transmission
(Delta: tit856)

289.90 EUR
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Brandname:  Delta
Magnification: 8x
Objective Diameter: 56mm
Twilight factor: 21,2
Shipping weight:  2kg (Shipping costs)

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Linz: only 1 Stk.
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The Delta Optical Titanium series made its debut on the market in August 2006, launching a very successful Porro 8x56 model, which you can find in shops to this day. Not long after that launch other devices - the roof prism Delta Optical Titanium 8.5x45 and 10.5x45- appeared as well. Currently they are not available anymore because in 2007 they were replaced by 8x42 and 10x42 roof prism models, produced in Japan, also already taken off the shelves. At the end of 2007 a new Porro 9x63 model was added to the line-up. It is still available. In September 2008 the company launched other Porro models -this time 7x50 and 10x56 devices. One year later a new pair of 8x56 binoculars, featuring ED glass, was released.

As you see the Titanium series is very diversified, including both Porro and roof prism pairs of binoculars which are not alike when it comes to the appearance and optical parameters. Currently in this line-up you can find a quite tight group of Porro devices, similar when it comes to their design and parameters (8x42, 10x42, 7x50, 8x56,8x56 ED, 10x56, 9x63 models) and the Delta Optical Titanium 8x56 ROH which sticks out noticeably because it features different prism and casing.

All this models are the classic Porro construction with popular parameters. According to the producer it is supposed to guarantee a great image quality for an affordable price. It boasts efficient Porro prisms made of high quality BaK-4 glass, good coatings which ensure the transmission level on one air-to-glass surface amounts to 99.5% and is 93% for the whole instrument. Additionally all the optical parts are put inside a solid, aluminum casing which is waterproof and nitrogen-filled. Buyers get a set of caps, two straps, a cleaning cloth for optics and a sturdy, hard case in the box. This model comes with a five-year warranty.

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